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Winter bike trails in Winnipeg


A lot of the best trails in Winnipeg can also be ridden in the winter. By this time of year the foot traffic has made a pretty fast single track through the bush.


As long as you stay on the path, everything will be fine… It helps to look  at least 25 feet ahead. You’ll make less corrections when trying to balance and surprise yourself at the ribbons of white trail you can clear.


Someone has cleared a skating rink in the back ground. The river has completely frozen over. There are numerous rinks and paths across now.


Winter rides can really offer some of the best scenery, and the most fun to be had outside until the snow melts.

Snow board ramp? Table top, there’s a ramp on the other side too.

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Saw an owl on the trail today



Winter bike ride on the Red River Skating Trail

I took the Red River ice skating trail to work to day. What a beautiful ride in. Traction was decent with the light dusting of snow on the ice. The hoar frost on the trees is still lingering from days past.

The Human Rights museum being built in Winnipeg looks like some kind of Death Star, tower of Oz at the end of the yellow brick road.

Satisfying ride to say the least.

Here some pics from the previous day.


Winter Bike Commute With The Looxcie Bluetooth Camera


Decided to test out the Looxcie cam in cold weather. I think it’s a success. I zipped tied the Looxcie to my goggles, and the video still looks pretty balanced. There was no way to get the fit right whilst mounted to my ear.  Was not sure how the plastic would hold up in -20 C.



The Looxcie offers up to 480p recording in a continuous loop. This way you can simply set the Looxcie on record and forget about it. If something interesting happens on your way to work, for example:  a unicorn crosses your path you can easily share the last 30 seconds of video instantly to your YouTube, WordPress Blog, or other pre-set service by pressing ONE button.

The Looxcie uses a Bluetooth connection  to your smartphone so that you can use your Android or Apple phone as a viewfinder. This is very handy for ensuring that the cam is on straight and actually recording. One you are satisfied with the placement and image quality, you can put your phone away and let Looxcie take care of the rest.

Once I’ve had a chance to test the Looxcie under different light conditions and mounting points, I’ll do a follow up post the give you the scoup!