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Ice River Biking No More…

The Red River Ice Skating trail is now officially closed. We have had an incredible warm spell here in Winnipeg.  Trust me, no one is complaining!

I was riding the trail to work only two days ago, now with the +10C  temps, the melt water has already pooled and break up is imminent.

Being able to take the ice road to work everyday has allowed me to shave about 5 minutes off my commute. There is truly no smoother road in all of Winnipeg.

For now I’ll have to get back into traffic every morning until the trails dry up. It was just awesome to have the ice rink down through my end of the woods this year. Very scenic every morning and evening, and best of all, the only car that even came near me was a Zamboni!

Winter Bike Commute With The Looxcie Bluetooth Camera


Decided to test out the Looxcie cam in cold weather. I think it’s a success. I zipped tied the Looxcie to my goggles, and the video still looks pretty balanced. There was no way to get the fit right whilst mounted to my ear.  Was not sure how the plastic would hold up in -20 C.



The Looxcie offers up to 480p recording in a continuous loop. This way you can simply set the Looxcie on record and forget about it. If something interesting happens on your way to work, for example:  a unicorn crosses your path you can easily share the last 30 seconds of video instantly to your YouTube, WordPress Blog, or other pre-set service by pressing ONE button.

The Looxcie uses a Bluetooth connection  to your smartphone so that you can use your Android or Apple phone as a viewfinder. This is very handy for ensuring that the cam is on straight and actually recording. One you are satisfied with the placement and image quality, you can put your phone away and let Looxcie take care of the rest.

Once I’ve had a chance to test the Looxcie under different light conditions and mounting points, I’ll do a follow up post the give you the scoup!

Ice Road Biking on Lake of The Woods

I went to the Lake Of the Woods for the weekend. The loggers and cottage community out there operate an ice road for the purpose of vacationing and hauling logs out of the forest. It’s just so much easier to move appliances out of the back of a truck, rather than out of a rocking boat. Many loads of lumber could be seen out on the shores earmarked for various construction projects like docks and cottages.

It only made sense to go for a rip on the ice road!

Others had the same idea, only they were fishing for delicious walleye pike. You can see the ice through a this layer of snow in this picture, but the road conditions did vary quite a bit. In some places it was bare ice, swept clear of snow. You could see that the ice was at least 2 feet thick by the cracks and fissures visible in the crystal clear ice. In other places snow drifts would move across the road, and despite the -25C temps, melt water would creep from the edges of the road. this is so counter intuitive,.

Beautiful vistas frozen right into he landscape. I’ve canoed past this island so many times in the summer, but it evokes  a totally different sentiment in February.

The drivers were all very courteous, or was it curious as we passed.

Sometimes the road has to portage over an island. The planning process for the ice road must be very complicated, as it seems to change routes every year.

Stunning cottages are completely visible now without the deciduous leaves.

Firewood ?

Totally the wrong bike for this kind of expedition. The tires were not studded and the Tioga DH were really squirmy and meant only for gravity racing, but I could not resist the urge to pedal out on the ice road.  The full suspension only made staying upright more challenging. Next time, I’ll bring the Norco Charger decked with studs.