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Fog dancing on the river


Cool but beautiful fog rolling and dancing on the river.



What the camera did not pick up is the hail… Sometimes you just have to wait it out.

Thursday Commute

It’s getting nasty out there!

The Forecast as per

Cloudy periods with 60 percent chance of showers early this evening. Clearing this evening. Wind northwest 30 km/h becoming light early this evening. Low minus 5 with frost.

This means it’s probably 100% chance of being miserable out there all day and night. Definitely time for toques.
Decided to wear the Schoeller pants today. I’m glad I did. The misting rain never made it through the pants. The seamless gusset is super comfortable to ride in, certainly no discomfort due to chafing, and the lightly fleeced interior is as cozy as your favorite pair of sweats! Watch for a review of these pants coming soon!

Wednesday Commute

~~~~~~~Tail wind!>
Tail winds are to be savored and lusted after. You feel empowered by nature herself to push your limits. In a place like Manitoba, there is no downhill, the best we can hope for is the wicked prairie wind to propel us to top speed. But make no mistake…it is wicked, more often than not bringing ice and snow from the what ever direction you are heading.

Unlike today I rarely get the tail wind going to work, and it seems that by the time I leave the wind has done a 180 degree turn and I’m fighting the headwind home again. We’ll see if the same is true on the way home tonight. (keeping my fingers crossed for tailwind home)