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It’s that time again Winnipeg!


20cm of the white stuff. I hope that you and your bike are winterized! Have Fun out there, ride smart.

Streets And Paths OF Winnipeg Are Clear!


Now let’s do something about the sand box.

Ice River Biking No More…

The Red River Ice Skating trail is now officially closed. We have had an incredible warm spell here in Winnipeg.  Trust me, no one is complaining!

I was riding the trail to work only two days ago, now with the +10C  temps, the melt water has already pooled and break up is imminent.

Being able to take the ice road to work everyday has allowed me to shave about 5 minutes off my commute. There is truly no smoother road in all of Winnipeg.

For now I’ll have to get back into traffic every morning until the trails dry up. It was just awesome to have the ice rink down through my end of the woods this year. Very scenic every morning and evening, and best of all, the only car that even came near me was a Zamboni!

Winter bike ride on the Red River Skating Trail

I took the Red River ice skating trail to work to day. What a beautiful ride in. Traction was decent with the light dusting of snow on the ice. The hoar frost on the trees is still lingering from days past.

The Human Rights museum being built in Winnipeg looks like some kind of Death Star, tower of Oz at the end of the yellow brick road.

Satisfying ride to say the least.

Here some pics from the previous day.