Some of you in Winnipeg might be interested in this TRAIL.  It’s hard pack snow with lots of twisty single track.

I created it using Google My Tracks on my Sony Xperia T Android phone.

It’s a great tool to share trails and routes. It also provides plenty of ride data for geeks.


Total distance: 4.74 km (2.9 mi)

Total time: 24:32

Moving time: 24:27

Average speed: 11.59 km/h (7.2 mi/h)

Average moving speed: 11.62 km/h (7.2 mi/h)

Max speed: 29.80 km/h (18.5 mi/h)

Average pace: 5.18 min/km (8.3 min/mi)

Average moving pace: 5.16 min/km (8.3 min/mi)

Fastest pace: 2.01 min/km (3.2 min/mi)

Max elevation: 246 m (807 ft)

Min elevation: 183 m (601 ft)

Elevation gain: 129 m (422 ft)

Max grade: 7 %

Min grade: -18 %

Recorded: 2013-01-04 2:34pm

Great free program with Google behind it.