Beautiful weather today, I wore shorts and a jersey. No gloves. Dare I say winter is over? Parked the Norco in the office today. I didn’t want to leave it on the street all evening for fear of thieves. It’s Saturday, no suits, the skeleton crew was running, so nobody noticed the bike locked to a support post in the unused office space.

I broke a spoke on the Simpsons Sears road bike on the way home from work last night so I had to take the Norco. I do remember pushing extra hard, and not going any faster. But now I see, that when I spin the wheel,  it’s so out of true, it’s knocking the caliper brakes at every revolution.

The source, a spoke broken right at the hub. It could be all over for those wheels. All the spokes may break one at a time, I was lucky up until now. Do i rebuild a set of corroded rims, or buy new 27 Inch wheels?

They are probably 40 year old rims and I punished them all winter long. What ever brand they are, they’ve done all I can ask.
For now I’ll just replace the broken spoke, and buy a few extras to store in the seat tube, just in case I snap another one.