We just had a blizzard rip through Winnipeg dumping 2 feet of snow and producing 80km per hour winds. Winnpegers just seemed to carry on with there normal day to day affairs despite the inconvenience of the raging snow storm. I passed a number of elderly blue haired ladies seated in the bus windows, surely on their way to the salon?

With the city scrambling to keep up with the snow removal, the side roads and B-routes were snowed in. Too icy and rutted even for those with the greatest of death wishes. The sidewalks were also unplowed and this made commuting by winter bike improbable, but not impossible… IĀ  did see one brave courier locking up outside Trizak building. That’s a lot of hike-a-bike buddy.

Today the main arteries are finally clear enough to balance on two wheels, so I decided to take the straight bomb downtown in stead of the scenic route. Traffic for the most part was courteous and predictable for such fowl weather, and I was able to take the lane the whole way in without a single honk. The road conditions were slippery with odd bit of mashed potatoes and sand.

I had to take the beater bike as I no longer have an indoor space for a bike at work. I’m too afraid of leaving my good bike on the street in downtown Winnipeg all day. If a thief doesn’t get it the plow will. It’s Simpson Sears road bike with down tube shifters, 27″ nobbies, circa 1970? It was 10 speeds of pure fun on the roads today, but she got me there in one piece.

On a positive note, I could really notice the days getting longer again. The sun was shining strong, I could feel spring coming, just around the corner right…